Does your business respond to market demand? Is it reaching all potential customers? Does it have room for growth? Which products or services have more acceptance? In the global market trends change quickly and your organization must be able to adapt to new requirements or new demands. So you have to know exactly what market you are looking for and what expectations it has for you. With our market research, we can offer you a complete vision, detailed by segment or focused on customer satisfaction, to help you take the best decisions for your business with flexibility and speed.

  • Consumer research
  • Structured “omnibus” surveys
  • Mystery shopping
  • Customer studies, development, assessment, and monitoring of a satisfaction index
  • Marketing plan
  • Quantitative surveys with large samples
  • Wide range of statistical analyses (typology, “cluster”, multivariate…)
  • Qualitative surveys with small samples
  • Semi directive one-to-one interviews and group techniques (“focus group”)