Pack Pime

The SME Pack is a “customized” product that allows our customers to choose the services they require to stop worrying about them ...

Investment in Andorra

Andorra is diversifying its development model, opening to foreign trade and permitting international investment initiatives or business projects...

  • Our bureau focuses on direct and constant contact with the customer, in order to establish and maintain highly customized relationships ensuring maximum confidentiality and the strictest professional secrecy.
  • For all of our team members, professional secrecy is a basic rule that is not just applied daily but is also embodied in the seventh clause of our employment contract: “The employee is bound by the level of professional secrecy associated to the position he occupies in the company and, consequently, is responsible for ensuring that all information relating to the results of his activity in the company is protected against theft, non-authorized disclosure, or misuse.”.

Gm Consultors.